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3D Animation,
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Motion Graphics

3D Animation & 3D Rendering Services in USA
Darklab Media / 3D Animation, Rendering & Motion Graphics
Bring Your Concept to Visual Form with 3D Animation & 3D Rendering Services

DarkLab Media is a specialist in 3D animation and rendering services across the US. Our well-established 3D rendering services in Houston aims to create 3D models and 3D animations to let your customers understand your services visually. Our team of experienced 3D designers are not only artistically oriented and creative but also well versed in science and technology to create unique, accurate and captivating 3D animations.

What make us one of the best 3D rendering companies in the US? Our underlying motive is to understand your perspective and requirements to give the best visual output of your ideas within your budget!
Our 3D Animation Houston Services For :
Product Demos

Consumers want to understand the product first before purchasing. A flat image cannot work as effectively as a 3D product video. It illustrates product functions in a manner that seems convincing and encouraging. At Darklab Media, we can build 3D digital models and product demo videos using advanced proprietary software. Our 3D artists can animate the moving parts of the product and showcase it in action. The aim is to bring ideas to reality to gain potential clients and investors.

Video Animation

The world of animation has limitless possibilities. Whatever you can imagine, we can represent visually through sleek and polished professional videos. Our 3D artists can create lively videos. We are experts in creating fun animated and motivational videos for your business.

Architectural Animation

Get custom architectural rendering services to represent both interior and exterior of a building project. According to your desire, our experts can give visual shape to your architecture plan by adding structural elements, furniture, decorations and landscaping.

Medical Animation

Medical institutions can connect with Darklab Media for high-quality animated 3D videos for education or sale. Our 3D artists will work closely with your medical professionals to prepare animated prototypes of your new ideas. Complete custom 3D designing support is offered as well.

Character & Cartoon Animation

Our character design artists will put the spark of life in every character they create. When your ideas and our ideas are mixed together, a new storyline and characters of the story can be created.

3D Visualization

We are your specialist for conceptualizing your products and quick branding with 3D imagery. Our 3D visualization technique will allow your customers to take a look at the product from every angle. The technique will improve user experience and help find a boost in the business.

Motion Graphics

It is all about digital footage or animation where the illusion of motion is combined with audio. We offer the best motion graphic support which can describe your business well to the targeted audiences.

Oil & Gas Animation

It is a fantastic way to help both clients and investors understand complex industry principles. These short animated videos are professional, convincing, and define you as an expert in your field.

How Does Our 3D Rendering Houston Take The Shape?
Three major step to accomplish 3D animation process :



The pre-production is all about understanding the project, creating a free-hand layout, background designs, storyboard & animatics.

The production process involves giving shape to your ideas with powerful 3D modeling, texturing, rigging, dynamics and animation. The final touch is given with lighting and rendering where the production is in the pipeline.

The post-production is all about adding extra elements to make the animation visually attractive. Both visual effect and compositing help to create the final image by combining layers using sources like graphics, live action, special effects and rendering. The final task is all about editing videos and sound effects.

Why Choose Us?

Each animation project has a mixture of advanced technology and artistic sensibilities.

We offer a group of creative and experienced 3D artists who get into details of every project to bring out the best.

Using the latest animation software such as ZBrush, Adobe Photoshop, Maya etc.

Open communication with clients to clear all doubts related to the project

Keep clients updated with the work progress

Quality services at the best price in the industry

What is the difference between 2D and 3D?

They are different from each other in appearance. 2D is all about focusing on creating characters, storyboards, figures, and backgrounds in two-dimensional artistic environments. The 3D animation gives real-life to characters with movements, sound effects and background.

How much time a project can take?

It depends on the project size and how much challenging it is.

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