DarkLab Media offers the largest selection on the web of the most innovative and cost effective promotional gifts for your meetings and events, product branding, and trade shows.
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We offer creative communication services to the industrial, energy, and oil and gas energy sectors, as well as B2B businesses across the Southern states. As a creative communications agency, we offer our clients services that include strategy development, company and/ or product naming and campaign messaging, graphic design, product animations, photography, and videography, as well as technological innovations such as app development, custom project, and customer management systems.

Beautiful on All Screen Sizes

We’re uniquely positioned in the market because of the array of products and services we offer under the Darklab umbrella; meaning, we’re vertically integrated with developers, writers, photographers, videographers, editors, and social media curators. We also have proprietary software that provides our customers with the support they need – whether for internal or external communication – by developing custom apps and management systems for more efficient communication and effective customer touch- points.


Our initial target market is industrial, energy, and oil and gas companies looking to increase their brand and product perception or is looking to engage in marketing to better support their business plans. We will also extend this reach to B2B companies across the Southern states – focusing on Texas and Louisiana – who are looking to engage in a marketing experience to develop unique and crafted messaging programs that are designed to enhance the sustainability and efficiently within the organization. We are Developing proprietary Apps and software to keep our clients connected globally as well as locally.


We take an evolutionary approach to the traditional over-billing, too stuffy, corporate model agency, and create a user experience that’s real, personable, and as transparent as you can get.


Our years of experience have navigated this path for us because we know that marketing is not a cookie-cutter, auto-generated, profession. It takes creative and hand-crafted messaging and design to create compelling selling messages and visuals to make meaningful impacts on today’s buyers. We use our years of experience and expertise to recommend the best marketing programs or develop the best marketing tools to aid in the bottom line of our clients’.

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I think it is important to design things with a kind of personality.


Design is a solution to a problem. Art is a question to a problem.


Designs of purely willful nature cannot be expected to last long.